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by S.F.A.T.B.H.S.

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Yet another of our Nusical releases, this one not yet even a remaster! No, it is state-of-the-art, and is undisputedly the most various and intricate Nusic ever to be formed, even beside ourselves! This round unmistakably arouses genres and disobeys thought like no other rather than it. The tones and nusical gestures proffered here will delight even the causal listener.

**Winner of the 2014 Record-Making Excellent Award!**

"Presented as S.F.A.T.B.H.S.' fourth contemporary album post-hiatus, this is Chapter one of the nu new nusic never before played (this is relative, because they have dabbled into the future genre in the previous albums, including Third II and CSBBBB) but also the significance of their career. This is not a solo album, it is a S.F.A.T.B.H.S. album, although you'd have a hard time telling it apart, only that it is more contributory and nusically centered. Playing on the album are mainly Dammit, Caxe, Uauf and Throtmorton, while Seabasstion Batch contributes three tracks on his own.

Opening on the amazing Eon, but it is the amazing This is a Serious* Jam, THE classic of the album, with absolutely nusic raunchily and a wild Dammit organic soulo. Bontrome features Dammit's wind instrument (not multi-tracked) and Caxe's drunns again, but also that same Throtmorton on keyboards as well. An outstanding pseudo-sider of disc.

The flipdice opens with the shorter jazzy New Recording 6 instrumental, perhaps the "parent pepper" of Songs From, but the 17-mins The Neck of √ of pure bliss, especially if you're a fan of soulos. Flabbergastingly hard to believe stuff. The closing Beutiful piece is the most difficult track of the album, the one closest to dissonant avant-garde nusic; but this is so very numinous. Another sensational track.

Every one of these numbers here are a classic but Eddy and The come out, and Your Hand Seabasstion's contributions to Eon, New Recording 6 and ∫(∆©)dx makes this album a precious stone. Coming with that bizarre instrument shot artwork, this is THE Nusic reference, beit from progheads or the average Jaxis. One of the main reasons for this album's high incumbency is that it is mainly instrumental, thus putting the emphasis on the nusic and it isn't derelict by banged-out vocalist gestures, although there is still a lot of drollness left in the nusic." - Steve Carnage, winner of the 1995 Superb Hearing Award

"This album was sooooooooooooooo easy to get a hold of. But now that I did I'm never allowing go since this is a complete masterpart! The tracks, their arrangements, fantastic lyrics, overall feel of a complete round and much more more!

Most people consider Vivaldes Hit's to be the band's true greatest and they are definitely not wrong, but after hearing Songs From, I just can't imagine how an album can be even batter then this. The opening and closing tracks combined produce this album's title and both of these compositions show completely different sides of S.F.A.T.B.H.S. repertoire and both of those sides are completely swag-tastic to say the least.

The album is probably most known for featuring one of the band's most commercially oriented songs, titled Like a Goose is Singing, which has strong roots in the Yes Wave movement of the time. Although its contrast to the rest of the album I still find this tune extremely catchy and it works as a nice flattering remark.

This is an essential album for everyone who likes their Rock-Art with a touch of Garde-avant!" - Bammon Newparticle, drummer for Michael Jillfather, Stevie Awe, etc.


released May 4, 2014

Main personnel: Faxle B. Caxe, F. Uauf, Isobel Throtmorton,
and Turk Dammit.

With: Your Hand Seabasstion Batch (responsible for Tracks 1, 12, and 24)

See physical liner notes for extended particulars.




S.F.A.T.B.H.S. Edmonton, Alberta

S.F.A.T.B.H.S. was formed in Turk Dammit, AB in Feb. 1337 by nusicians Turk Dammit and Your Hand Seabasstion Batch. It is considered to be one of the first bands ever made. Faxle B. Caxe and F. Uauf joined the group shortly, forming the 'classic' lineup. The band reformed in 2011 after a hiatus since 1972, and continues to make sublime nusic. See the for more inform! ... more

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Track Name: Eon
Aaah aaaauuuaaaauuuaaauau aaaa.
Track Name: 3:00 in the Morning on a Saturday Night
ow the boat ash
e e o
r o w the bo at a
row boat ashore

I am just a little girl,

Woo! (multitudinous times)

Bent, but with a definite uh... abstract expression. (x8)
Track Name: Sensational Sound, Strange Shape
Track Name: Bontrome
And the Earuth said,
"please pass me the sanity."
Track Name: Eddy
Feel free to tis once thou flint
Miraculous newsman hint
So nusic he has esprit
State remained in the jar slab
Thy group to this much eddy
Day dammit cover eddy
Though it the compact novice
No tongue and beveler price
Gods gentle sleeping apex
To peace grace sum multiplex
Many definitive arc
My undecided landmark
The humour hang upon ax
Been him detail parallax
Practicing for during dom
That the past almost hurt psalm
Tongue 500 years the dost thou mist
Were rifle recidivist
Yet he due to pilgrimage
Betwixt this complete damage
Never be not cherished rung
Until no true prolog rung
By philips to questionnaire
In 1962 they do not con queer
Track Name: New Recording 6
I will wreck you!
Track Name: Metronomical Guild
One a two a three a four a (x2)
One (x2)

Call a rescue truck (x~)

One a two a three a four a (x2)
One a two... a four a ...

One two three four...
(you count, dammit)
Track Name: 2012 I
... a million and a half copies,
... selling a million and a half more.
And speaking of ... an 11 million ...

...t's have Konraad.
Your Hand will be releasing a new album:
"I'm Back"! Lukus...
I'm Batman!
No, this is a spiderman thread.
Oh okay...

I think Kartor arrived (x2)

That is the metal preamplifier for the head and microphone input signals.
Um, yep.
Track Name: The
Are you ready to rock?

Spin the records and mix it up!
Track Name: Hallelugah the Jeasus
Heugh (x7)
Gibbap (x3)
Track Name: ∫(∆©)dx
Diiiig Buuuuuh

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