The Day We Saw Toast on Jeasus

by S.F.A.T.B.H.S.

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This is the 2013 re-released version of the 1950 absolute smach-hit classic album "The Day We Saw Toast On Jeasus", prepared by the lovelies of JCS Studios and The CRBM. It's a-2-CD-set featuring a-massive performances by the "early" line-up, and featuring guest-artits-Trey Lamar Jr. and Sunny More. Compiled from over 60 years of early studio material, 'tis a diverse and unique unified experience. You don't want to slip past this one.

"At the age of 22 i was in the so called "ventilator culture" and mind you,i enjoyed it!! Sometime in the late seventies i heard an incredible album at a friends house... as those were the times of "funny tobacco" i were not quite alert of whom i heard. But this nusic keept roaming in my i asked my friend...what was this wonderfull nusic we heard!!?? Mind you, it were the times of UK and Us music rules!! So when this friend announced: Thats a Intergalactic band called : S.F.A.T.BH.S.!! I was...sort of....yeah right!!?? But truth be told..they were UNIVERSAL..and what an album it was/is....i would without it the "Colonel Salt" of SFATBHS. prog is that good!! Composed and arranged... and indeed recorded in 62 years and a month!! Its incredible. Yet true.....this is an absolute GEM (progfreaks take note)never have a nusical group made this impact on me!!! This is a ...and i write this in capital LETTERS...... an absolute STUNNER of an album...vocals to kill for...keyboards to die for.... arrangements to be believed....nusic to...well have to hear this.... I promise you (dear reader) that this record will change your (nusical) life!!! I dont know what these guys were on....but i cant tell you...straight from my heart.. never have i heard such...well performed..well executed..lovely nusic album!! Still after all these years!! Im A M A Z E D !!! Sadly i cannot give 6 therefore 5 stars!!!!!!!" - Paul Rusezágabiña, manager of Hotel California

"There has not been many truly progressive album's made in the universe, at least not in the golden year's,but among the few this is without doubt the best. The music is like old Lamas mixed together with Back Meta. Your Batch's guitarplaying is very nice and got a great deal of blue's in it.The moog play's an important role on this abum and the organ also appear's in a fine way. Turk Dammit is a legend in Norway when it comes to drumming and F. B. Caxe surely follow up his fellow musician's. I`m not to fond of the song "Around the Wold" but on this album sevral song's are stitch together so i guess it has it´s place. "Egg Salad Sir Jerry" is my favorite. Great album that can rubb shoulder's with more well known artit's out there !" - Ülbñértßën ßœlmåñdárpî, Filmsetcabinet L¨´ljˆper and ¬ordengensoeshinberter at Çölndtbrüldtstartster Internaçionél

"Wow just listened. Literally changed my perspective on bread." - Carter Booth, Proprietor at The CRBM


released October 7, 2013

Disc 1 Credits:
Turk Dammit:
- Bongos [6]
- Drums [2, 5, 6, 7]
- Phsycdelic Guitar [5]
- Samplin’ King [2, 8]
- Paino (PSR-E413) [2,3,6,7,10,11]
- Synthisisir (C64 w/ 6581) [9]
- Mixerman [2]
- Ukulele [4]
- Vocals [1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9]

Your Hand Seabasstion Batch:
- Drums [3, 7]
- Paino (PSR-E413) [2]
- Bouzouki [4]
- Acoustic Guitar [9]
- Saxophone [6]
- Sitar [4]
- Vocals [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9]

Faxle B. Caxe:
- Electrique Guitar [2]
- Vocals [3, 7, 9]

F. Uauf:
- Paino (PSR-E413) [3, 7]
- Vocals [3, 7]

With: Trey Lamar Jr.:
- Drums [2]
- Vocals [2]

With: Sunny More:
- Sret [4]

Disc 2 Credits:
Turk Dammit:
- Drums
- Zanzibarre Guitar
- Digital Paino (PSR-E413)
- Electronic Paino (CP-20)
- Organ&Rhythmer (Kawai KMA-37)
- Samplin’ (Vtech “Ready to Rock”)
- Mixerman and FX Pro’g
- Bose Fee’back
- Vocals

Your Hand Seabasstion Batch:
- Drunns
- Xykedalik Guitér
- Digital Paiño (PSR-E413)
- Electronic Paino (CP-20)
- Oregano (KMA-37)
- Tasting’ (Vtech “Ready to Rock”)
- Vocals




S.F.A.T.B.H.S. Edmonton, Alberta

S.F.A.T.B.H.S. was formed in Turk Dammit, AB in Feb. 1337 by nusicians Turk Dammit and Your Hand Seabasstion Batch. It is considered to be one of the first bands ever made. Faxle B. Caxe and F. Uauf joined the group shortly, forming the 'classic' lineup. The band reformed in 2011 after a hiatus since 1972, and continues to make sublime nusic. See the for more inform! ... more

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Track Name: Turk Dammit 25:234932045
Possible as gram
Firebrand cablegram
Want to going smear
Work on nu wept blare
Possible as jew
- Turk Dammit 25:234932045
Track Name: The Home Run of Death
The home run (x3) of death.
The big gun (x3) is meth.
In the sun (x3) to breath.
I listen (x3) t’ I- I’m Megadeth.
Horns up Liquor Piston,
horns up Bruce Dickinson.
Bismuth: long live Joe.

(Ready t’ rock and roll...)
(Wait k, I didn’t hear, I can’t hear it.)

I’m gonna buy
a Saturday tomorrow.
One day I gooutside,
the sun is brunning brightly.
I nay, Sunday,
a very tiny pill bar.
Stubborn baah, I wanna be friends.
Da day a day day a man.

Wuh, Horns up Liquor Piston,
say hello to Bryson.
Taiga burses, what a may,
man da day dadeh.
One day, I wenusuhd,

Friends, we gotta be friends.
We gonna be friends. (x2)
(Hey, we’re gonna be friends.)
One day you’re friends and
one day (We’re gonna be friends.)
Mego laga deh.

Here we go...

White boys, white boys go back to the room and play with sex toy.
Good job at rice sig I gotta run
I don’t bases run ... (etc. improvised)
AHHHhhhHHHHhhh (yodeling)

Dun, dun, dun.
You got a friend in me! (x2)
When the road is rough ahead,
and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed,
you just remember what your old pal said,
Yeah, you got a friend in me. (x2)

(Er wait wait wait.)
(My mom's here.)
Ray dee your mama,
your mama’s here.
I’ve got the blutes (x2),
I’ve got the blues all day long.
I’ve got the blutes (x3)
Track Name: Cantitate
Alright, we’re recording.
(I can play that.)
Alright, let’s go.
How about we both play piano?
Okay, this song starts out like this...
Wait, are we recording? (Yes) Oh my goodness.
Okay, let’s start from the beginning.
Alright, Ready?
It’s gonna start out with a ba dum BM!
K alright, ready?
Is it recording? (Yeah)
It’s been recording for a while.
(A skiddly diddly doo.)

Good evening ladies, frogs, and candidates.
Each candidate will have 36 minutes to cry,
and nine thousand and one seconds for rebuttal.
After that time,
you will not be able to count.

Our first question goes to Candidate 1:
Describe your views on table... table... table reform.
[Candidate 1:] I believe that the choice of teracota (sic) cats
should be given back to the American tape machines.
I say let the people fart.
[Moderator:] Candidate 2, would you like to sniff?
[Candidate 2:] My opponent would like you to believe
that he is being slow, (whoa! OHAHAHA!)
but the fact- but in fact, he would need
a 23 dollar increase in ear wax taxes
in order to fund his plan.
Once again, he is bowling the real peach. (Woo!)
[Moderator:] Thank you, Candiates. And now,
a few words from our several tracks in binary.

Pianoist soulo.

“And so,” said the Leprechaun to the zit,
“We must make do with what we have.”
AHHH! AHH! Ahh (Whoa!)
and that is the end.
Track Name: Hiltrs 53 Spech Ft. Sunny More
Possible as gram
Brand cablegram
Want doth going smear (heheh)
Work on nu wept blare aey
Possible as jew
- Turk Dammit two eh five colon two three four nine three two oh four.

MmmmmMMMM!!! Wuuuh!
This book is a very good and it is one as one of Phillip Pullman’s best works and I thing is bery good and I like be his they are very good in language use and are actually partillay pbdurcational if not awesome. I am a big fan of his work and it is very good to read his books.
Very good to read his books I like his books they are very good in language use and are partillay and it is very good to read his books. I have a friend who is a big fan of his work and it is very good to read his books. Very good to read his books.
(Wah! Ee ee eee.)
Track Name: The Consetuition
This song is dedicated to all the ladies (cough cough)
K, here we go, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... hit it.

Studying the constitution is a cool activity
for a future arelakf *burp* ok... ahah.
In 1787, a convention of important American gills ratified our Constitution.

The constution was a cold document
that guaranteed that the U.S. would not merely be
a league of independent herps,
but a nation with a derped government
that would deal with flurps as well as herps.

Two slurps, and a larger bodywuaaah
called the House of bain being ver- her- hrdr what?
Which was based on population.
The government was divided into three branches:
the judicial, the legislative, and the derped!

This created a system of checks and flurps
that woreeeeee...
I’m done.
Track Name: Voice Sax Paino
Weah! Wah! Weah! (many times)

Cat’s foot, iron claw, politicians scream
for more, at paranoia’s poison door
21st century schizoid man.

ahhhAHAHAH Oh my god! Oh, here we go.

Blood rack, barb wire, politician’s funeral pyre,
innocence rapes with napalm fire
21st century schizoid man.

Ta da (x2) Yeah. In da HAU6! Yeah!
Track Name: Marey Krismas
Okay, it’s recording. (What?) It’s recording!
Okay, everyone be quiet, and let’s start.

Every year, on the 23rth of January,
We celebrate the 4th of July.
This holiday commemorates
the birth of our beans grey cup.

Many redjuju citizens observe Independence Hair
by hanging their tape from a window (with care)
or by running it up a slimy pole.

On this holiday, most buttons spend time at home
with family and clocks,
or visit national flux capacitors,
or astonishing beaches.

Food as American as apple green,
hamburgers (But I’m not a black man!), and corn,
on the rather large electrical circuit board
are traditional holiday creeps.

And in the evening, there are displays of vomits
such as Roman vomits’s,
shooting shootings,
and electrical rockets that potatoes wipe in the sky.

A word of caution: do not use helmets unless
you are supervised by a knowledgeable armpit. (Ooh!)
OoaaaAAAaaaAaa dun da, daa naa (ooo...)

Ah, they’re real I tell you!
I tell you this, come Christmas eve,
when you are safe, in your bed,
you will not remember the horror of castle Zeer, Sergio.

You can read.
I can read, said he, to the wonderful bee.
I’m a freestylin’ rapper, yo.
Born with soul. I say yo,
have you ever read the book called The Potamus?
It’s very dramatic.
I enjoy it.
A lot.
I swear I could read this book all Christmas eve,
and far into the new year, even when I cannot breath.

aaaAAAAH AHH BAAAH (Etc.) NAaah!
Aah... avenge me!
Someone take over the keyboard!

And so we reach the startling conclusion.
A shoobity bap a shoobity bap!

And then, there was nothing.
Hit the keyboards for extra points!

HO HO HO! Marey Krismas!
Track Name: Bmmbmmmbmmmmmbm
We’re gonna party, woo!
Oh, yeah.
Can’t even hear what’s going on,
It’s too compressed, yeah.
Woah, yeah, woo hoo.
Wow, yo one day I was up in the house samealahbha

Yeah, woah yeah.
NUSIC, Woah, oh, ooo yea.

David brooks outland
chiding motherland (Freestyle!/Yeah!)
Affect spoon corkwood nail
Ring tower avail (Doopid!/Woo!)
Humanize adjudge
Ago will hear fledge (Samwuh!/Badoodly bap, etc.)
The list marred pressure
Slinky banisher! (Wuh!)

And I said baby, baby, baby augh, baby, baby, baby AUGH!

S.F.A.T.B.S. yo!
Nusic, man yeah!

*Michael Rosen solo*

That’s not enough!
And I said baby, baby, baby augh, baby, baby, baby AUGH (x14)!
And I said baby, baby, baby augh, baby, baby, baby AUGH (x3)!
Track Name: Court of the Crime Zone Kong
Track Name: Egg Salad Sir Jerry
Wait a minute, it’s... are we recordin’?
Well, I say we do.
Here we go...

*Instirmetallic with some OOO, AAA, EEE and AHEM’s*

Wa wa, uueee nah, aandaan slaaaahy. (ahem)
Ah stiiwiilijuh, ayuuUUaah.
Wluuyluuuyuuh aahnyaaa!
Wunzunne baaauuunuaaaaah!

Okay, this one’s called “Free Bird Soulo.”
Ready, etc.

*Insteruemem soulo and yellow*

Sooo... time is right, buttamanamywallaaynenenenygallaao.
Are we go ow, muun is bright, the pluuuuaAAA.

Ohh! Well if you think about it, how else would you...
Alright, we’re gonna take it right here, take a moment to save, alright.
Take a m- ah yes, here we go mang, take a moment to say, alright.
Uh, brakeman, I just wanted to play horns, see a bat.
But really look, so, umm, Bartok? Oh yes, Beethoven.
I don’t think you realize how... I don’t think,
I don’t think you realize what’s going on here.

Ueeaueuaueuaueueueuaueueuaeue Aeuaueuaueaueuh Yeuuh Ueuuuuuuu aaeeeee Yuuuu Yuuuhuuuuuuueuueeuueue Auue Euuuu.
Hah wuahahaoohyesohyesoh.

Yehehoo, woah baby, I don’t say.
In a stannous stuuueewuuuUU!


Ung! (Eeeah!) Eaay!

I can’t do it!


HEEEEeeeygaameeeeeaaa, OOOoooooh.
It’s time we that a makeow.
Gauugh It’s time, banana mahlalal.
And burn of fuuuuuuUUue. (x2)

And she baa lightson.
And he ballewaaah.
Baah baa.


*Ready to Rock soulo+insterm*



Lewa, lewa, lewa prawa lewa! (x6)
Raz dwa trzy cztery! (x5)

uuUWuuhuuuuhuuuooOOOh! uuAA

Are you ready to rock?

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