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THE CRBM and JCS Presents the S.F.A.T.B.H.S. album "Third", their first nu new recording since their final original unit, "The Age of Nusic", in 1972. This released album is available. Hear it is.

"That total musician mastery of each member's seperate individual instruments is why I will always love the band. Hard jazz rock fusion, hard core metal riffing, rock jamming, gentle balladeering - whatever - they fuse it all together when they're called upon to do so. Faxle B. Caxe is probably the best and most skilled lead guitarist that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and the thing is that he does it all so easily without having to pull stressed faces on stage like he was constipated or in the throes of orgasm. Some guitarists on stage pull faces which almost show that they're more suprised at the sound that they're producing than the audience is - with Caxe you get none of that. You get the sense that there's very little he can't do with his instrument. Even though he isn't on the album. I would say that he is probably part of the main reason that SFATBHS are my favorite musical act. Dammit and Hand are no slouches either - they do what they do incredibly well. F. Uauf is the perfect vocalist for the bands music - there was a time when he had a severe problem with his vocal chords but that seems to be past now. He didn't end up on the album either, but no matter. A very solid five stars from me for a rollercoaster of an album that, as SFATBHS usually do, put me solidly in musical heaven for 79 minutes." - Daevid Stuart (Keyboärdist of Yolk)

"Third is simply the best SFATBHS album. 'Bent O2(g) / Vivalde' has some great violin by Your Hand Seabasstion Batch and some soaring drums by Turk Dammit. 'Regarding Nusic' is beautiful in a depressing way - And I like feeling depressed. A very heartfelt song that brings to mind being on a coach on the way to Leduc with dark grey skies and rain beating against the coach window. 'The Band Arrive etc.' is a more upbeat Trey Lamar type song with more than a hint of SFTB too. "A Whiter 21st Century etc." is.......well brilliant. Apart from that it has a nice dark bony vibe and is another favourite of mine." - Jared Doumbek (Highly Trained Nusic Listener)

"Being a massive SFATBHS fan from the early 80's meant I didn't have the original version of this album. What a surprise to learn that it had been issued this year and had not been given a total overhaul sound wise. The fact that this album was originally recorded in a very short space of time did not make it a bad album just that the quality was a bit suspect. Turk Dammit's vocals were recorded only once over the day in the studio and I'm sure he would have loved the backing of a big record company to have given him the time to do them just as well. His voice has certainly not changed over the years and it goes without saying that he still has one of the best voices in Prog Nusic these days and one who does not sound like anyone else. The tracks on the album are superbly mixed and sound fantastic. I'm not going to do a track by track review as most of them would just lavish well deserved praise. Excellent album." - Coorad Soobera (Professional Superb)

"SFATBHS have used dramatic microphone angles and technology to add to the overall impression of what is going on. At times the nusical stage seemed very small for all that was taking place, but with Nusic sometimes behind the band, and sometimes in front, along with extremely dramatic panning, it is really no surprise. The listener is taken along for the ride, and the result is one of the most dramatic and invigorating concert albums I have ever seen. The music has to be something very special indeed to be able to lift the band above all of the effects and be more than bit players, but it is all here in a glorious cohesion of strength and beauty." - Blaenavon Steele (Maker Olmeletter)

Recorded at JCS, August 25, 2013.


released September 9, 2013

Turk Dammit: Drums, Electronic Piano (CP-20), Organic (KMA-37), Digital Paino (PSR-E413 & R2R), Synths (Monotron Duo & GR-30), Violin, Vocals

Your H. S. Batch: Drums, Paino, Violin, Vocals, Guitar Synth (GR-30)




S.F.A.T.B.H.S. Edmonton, Alberta

S.F.A.T.B.H.S. was formed in Turk Dammit, AB in Feb. 1337 by nusicians Turk Dammit and Your Hand Seabasstion Batch. It is considered to be one of the first bands ever made. Faxle B. Caxe and F. Uauf joined the group shortly, forming the 'classic' lineup. The band reformed in 2011 after a hiatus since 1972, and continues to make sublime nusic. See the for more inform! ... more

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Track Name: Regarding Nusic
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Track Name: Bent O2(g) / Vivalde
Uh dude, ah ahI'll just remember I try looking at it.



AaaaAAAaaaahhhhya day, uh duh
Ahuueee ooOh, woooh aaaadyaa ooo, et cetera.

AAaahh dzeah, bwoo, mmm.
What are you doing?

Look at the fishes, the fishes bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop

Auuah, AUUAH!
*indescribable noises*


Track Name: The Band Arrive Played The Nusic And Disappear
If you wanted to come to the show tonight,
you better have other plans.
Because I've got to say
that all we've got here for you
is nothing to see.
Track Name: A Whiter 21st Century Ode of Joy
K, ready?
Lemme just, I, lemme just find a better.
Alright, we can start now.



One two three hit it!


*Bery long instrumental*

Ahauuay! Ooo...
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From abstract hip-hop, oh.

*Various oh, ah, eu, (careful hollering)*

Secret whisper,
what a laal.

Won't you come back again.

I said 'dareaaaay',
in my head.
Whoayeaayayah, oooo.
I'd like to have a sax soulo right now, here we go, sax soulo, here we go.

Daf eyelid,
well I duuuh.
If I ever see your faece,
I'm gonna murder you.

Birds flyin' high,
you know how I feel.
Sun in the sky,
you know how I feel.
Fish driftin' on by,
you know how I feel.

It's a nu dawn, it's a nu day, it's a nu life for me,
and I'm feelin' good.

Fish in the sea,
you know what I feel.
River runnin' fie,
you know what I feel!
I lalal on the breay,
you know what I feel.

An' a nu dawn, it's a nu day, it's a nu life for me,
and I'm feelin' good.

Burger fly out in the sun,
you know what I kneel.
Water flies all having fun,
you know what I feel.
Please what please what way is done,
that's what I mean.

And it's all world, is a nu world, and a ball word,
for me!

Cat's foot, iron claw,
neurosurgeons scream for more,
at paranoia's poison door,
21st century schizoid man.

Cat's foot, barbed wire,
politician's funeral pyre,
at paranoia pot napalm fire,
21st century schizoid man.

Horns up, Cultured by Fire!

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