Vivaldes Hit's

by S.F.A.T.B.H.S.

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THE CRBM and JCS Presents the classic 1965 S.F.A.T.B.H.S. album "Vivaldes Hit's," remastered, but still in it's full eternal glory for every citizen to enjoy. This released (as of June 2013) album is sensational, perhaps the absolute paramount nusical achievement of the band in all of its' almost 700 years of history.

"The long awaited new S.F.A.T.B.H.S. album is finally here as promised on June 8th, a date that became indelible in the hearts of all S.F.A.T.B.H.S. fans. "Vivaldes Hit's" was a title that teased ventilators for a long time since the release of the first single, 'Around the Wold w/ Jeasus'. The musicianship is brilliant on this album; Batch has stated in interviews that he intended it "to be my highest achievement lyrically and drumming wise." - David Allan (sitarist of Bong)

"'Vivaldes Hit's' is almost the perfect concept album, where everything works to become a coherent whole with masterful song structures and music literally dripping with innovation. It has been a long time since I have heard a masterpiece album like this; I would have to go back to 1962's "Colonel Salt's Bandly Band Band Band" to find a 5 star album in my opinion. It is far superior to anything from the catalogue of albums from 1905 - 1906." - My Foot Laketreblemedon C++ (drunner of Everything Lead Can't Go)


released June 8, 2013

Turk Dammit:
- Gongs & Metrognome (Mov’ts 1 & 11)
- Accordion (Mov’ts 1 & 11)
- Drums (Mov’ts 2 & 3)
- Triangle (Mov’ts 5 & 11)
- Electric Guitar (Mov’ts 4 & 11)
- Bass Guitar (Mov’t 6)
- Mixerman (Mov’ts 4, 9, 10, 11)
- Keyboard & Smpl Guru (Mov’ts 5, 9, 10, 11)
- Vocals (Mov’ts 5, 7, 8, 11)
- Piano/Paino (Mov’t 7)
- Music Box (Mov’ts 11 & 12)

Your Hand Seabasstion Batch:
- Violin (Mov’ts 1 & 11)
- Vocals (Mov’ts 1, 5, 11)
- Whistles (Mov’ts 1 & 11)
- Electric Guitar (Mov’ts 2 & 3)
- Drums (Mov’ts 4, 6, 11)
- Shaker (Mov’ts 5 & 11)
- Keyboard (Mov’t 9)
- Sleigh Bells (Mov’t 11)
- Kazoo (Mov’t 11)

Faxle B. Caxe:
- Organ/Other Keys (Mov’t 6 & 9)

F. Uauf:
- Vocals (Mov’t 8)

With: Trey Lamar Sr.:
- Keyboard (Mov’t 9)
- Djembe (Mov’t 11)
- Kazoo (Mov’t 11)
- Acoustic Guitar (Mov’t 11)




S.F.A.T.B.H.S. Edmonton, Alberta

S.F.A.T.B.H.S. was formed in Turk Dammit, AB in Feb. 1337 by nusicians Turk Dammit and Your Hand Seabasstion Batch. It is considered to be one of the first bands ever made. Faxle B. Caxe and F. Uauf joined the group shortly, forming the 'classic' lineup. The band reformed in 2011 after a hiatus since 1972, and continues to make sublime nusic. See the for more inform! ... more

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Track Name: Vivaldes Hit's
Lyriques (by movement):
1. Baah baah, ba ba ba baaa, ba baa, babababa, bab, ab, aaa aaah. (x2)


Spin the records and mix it up! 1 2 funke keep o' keep on.

Spin the records and mix it up!
Coo coo c ye c ye c ye cooo co ye co eyceoy eoyec y ee ccoo ycmi mimimimimi cococoo oo yyeeyyecycece keep keep hit it keep on jamming yee h cool rock o' yeehaw!

Disco it's hip hop time it's disco dance disco rock on it's hip hop ti- jazz it up it's jazz it up it's jazz it up it's rock on it's classical it's yeehaw it's swing rock 1 2 you've got ja- disc it it's you g'disco da- sounds great!

You're warmed up now! Hit it! 1 2 3 hit it! (Eeh!)

I wunt deneneneu, (It's jam time!) Funky!
I wen denenene. Cool!
Rock on, kid!
You're warmed up now! (I wen deneneney)
1 2 3 hit it! (I weh deneneneh) 1 2 3 hit it!
1 DAEH 3 hit it!
Rock on groovy cool funky! (I wen denene) Funky!

Spin the records and mix it up!
Rock on, kid!
Keep on jammin'!
1 2 3 hit it! (eeh eeeh) Keep on jammin'! WOW! (EEEH)
Groovy! Keep on jammin'!
Hit it! Hit it! You're warmed up now! Groovy! 1 2 3 hit it cool!
Grab the microphone and sing along!

Dat sound is big seode,
I bode little sode.
Groo it wow! Groo rock it groo r' groo rock w' groo rock groo roc groo ro' (etc.) Uah uah!
Mix yee yee yee yee hit it! Sou' cool c' wow! Groo

My name's Turk Dammit and am is saying
This is my beurreeeeuuuoughHUHUHUUOOO.
•Turk Dammit vocal soulo•

Your Hand Seabasstion Batch.
He's gonna play de uh buaah dser.
He's gonna play the beau- alright.
Dis' me, Turk Dammit. Mon deh deoh.

Swing to the bossa nova. Cool! Groovy! Funky!
It's jam time! Spin the records and mix it up!
Edoahbee uhtouh yourhandsebastionbatch, uh faxlebcaxe, and um... uh...
Spin the records and mix it up!
Uh a fewalubothersthankyouuahh.

7. Agh!
•some beatboxing•
(Only 30 minutes left now, is there?)

8. [Uauf] Dude, I don't wanna know.
I really don't wanna know.
How long is this piece of shi*?
[Dammit] Supposed to be 74 minutes.
Full CD. Whole thing. I tell y-
[Uauf] Right. That's a waste of a CD, I guess.
[Dammit] This man, so we can sell it for millions.

11. Cord your own song!
1 2 3 Hit it! You can groove to the beat! It's jam time! Hit it! Spin the records and mix it up! 1 2 3 hit it! Spin the records and mix it up! It's jam time! It's jamb time!

Ok... Laaa, (Spin the records and mix it up!)
We've come to say goodbye.
WoOOOAAAAAh (It's jam time!)
A 1 2 3 4... 1 2 3 hit it!

La la! Laaa la lalalala laaal.
Wait, I ate tomorrow. (Pick your favorite song and follow along!)
You got a friend in me!
Spin the records and mix it up! Groovy! Rock on! Wow! Funky! Wow! Hitit! Rock on kid 1 23 hit it 12 e3 hit it keep on jamming cool.
AAAH ...


O kumbaya.
1 2 3 hit it! Spin the records and mix it up! 1 2 3 hit it! It's jam time. 123 hit ite

•kazoo guiterddrunns soulo•

My name is S.F.A.T.B.H.S.

Baah baah, ba ba ba baaa, ba baa, babababa, bab, ab, aaa aaah (ad nauseam)

Cord your own song, CORD YOUR OWN SONG!

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