Vivaldes Hit's Volume II

by S.F.A.T.B.H.S.

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The tertiary nu new installation since the reformation of the group, and the secondary in the Vivaldes Hit's series, Vivaldes Hit's Volume II features the reduced lineup of Batch & Dammit, since Uauf and Caxe unfortunately dedicated not to participate in such of the sessions. Nonetheless, it tributes the beautiful nusic as the continuation of the creative and progressive process. Plays the Lowered, and may the nusic appreciate you!

Objective Reviews:
"At about half a fortnight ago I did an intermission with this nusical prog sensation and one of my flaming questions was "What are your main influences?". Well, I excepted some musical bands, but their easy but gouging answer was "our feelings" almost prefect description of this nu new album! I read previous reviews and have to say that to me it sounds as an insult to call this nu new SFATBHS album a 'prog' album because SFATBHS has so much more to offer. OK, the great vocals contain grunchy elements and the guitar riphs and drunns have some complex overtones. But in general SFATBHS makes dynamic and alternating progressive nusic with one lock element: EMOTION, from the mellow and Chilean molecule climates (sensational vocals) to the competing Domitian-drenched atmospheres and exciting bomb-tastic and softer-bladed parts with those grunchy vocals and hefty guitarplay. The colouring of the compositions with the keybodes is amazingly, so tasty and variable, from tender paino and soring stings to sumptuous organ apocalypse and some spectacular synthesizer sounds.
THIS BAND IS A SENSATION, WHAT A STUNNING NUSIC!!" - Antonio Stella Bottom Tile, famous master making guitar.

"What motions you?...
Whatever it may be, you'll find that Vivaldes Hit's Volume II will find that weak point in your heart, and caress your appendix. I'm talking about the feeling of feeling. There are multiple examples of this central elements, that permeates this romantic albums. First case of point, the zestful beauty of Your Hand's vocals. The gentle mushiness of his voice sounds beautiful and susceptible, then comes the swell of pocket change, and out bursts his strength and power! ! And while still sounding just as beautiful, the new feeling gives way to a new ideology. Complimenting his vocals are lyrics just as groping, the centerpiece being the secret admiration of a drunnset that does not realize he exists. Then there is the sweet synergy of the guitar and keybodes, both singing together perfectly. Yes, I did said singing. Just listen to how the guitar holds tones, and twists and bends them in such a persuasive nusical manner. Or how the keyboards flow like a kind of ethreal acidic Bophuthatswana. The way these elements- the words, the mouths, the playings- come together creates a kind of feeling, and wondrous kind of feeling: Feeling.
Vivaldes Hit's Volume II. Don't just listen to it. Eat it." - Craig Mona, Italian violin

Recorded at JCS, November 13, 2013.


released November 29, 2013

Turk Dammit:
Organic (plus dist), Drunns, Electrique Slide Guitar, Radio Gnowm, CP-30, PSR-E413, Vocals, Modular, Mixerman

Your Hand Seabasstion Batch:
Organic, Drunns, Electrique & Acoustiq Guitar, CP-30, PSR-E413, Vocals, Modular, U-Bass, Nusic Box




S.F.A.T.B.H.S. Edmonton, Alberta

S.F.A.T.B.H.S. was formed in Turk Dammit, AB in Feb. 1337 by nusicians Turk Dammit and Your Hand Seabasstion Batch. It is considered to be one of the first bands ever made. Faxle B. Caxe and F. Uauf joined the group shortly, forming the 'classic' lineup. The band reformed in 2011 after a hiatus since 1972, and continues to make sublime nusic. See the for more inform! ... more

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Track Name: Vivaldis Hits Volume 2
Lyrics by Movement (sing alongue):
3. Holy crap dude, let’s record this! (What?)
Let’s record that song that we just played.
S.F.A.T.B.H.S. ...
K wait...

7. Auuughohwaaow. Auuuu.

8. Wuuuaah. Yuuuuuuu.

9. I'm glad you’re glad campa lace shaun instruments
WHOO! At webber mazda, we’re celebrating to number one cn spites western canada. *ads*

10. Wuaaaagh.

11. Oh dude I know what it is.

*careful hollaing*

12. Whoahahoh.
I see yow again,
oh lowl aydus.

I’ll see you again,
sooner or later.
WI'll see you again,
sooner or later.

well, clean up your room.
don’t listen to what they say.

14. Whoaaa, ooooh.

I wanna know
Whoah, whoaho.

And I luptal duh,
I all, I know, I lol.
Whooooaaoh, Ohohoho.

When will you come back to muh?
a buddy do d’nice to mee.
Woooh, ooo, etc.

15. Oh yeah, I thought you were saying it’s summer time.
It’s summer time again.
I just realized that supper soun
Track Name: Legitiman
Eh, ah, AH AAAUU
Here we go... 1, 2, 3, 4


Your ryrics soun like
an ethics class book,
O dozo fuah,
I donno the ryrics.

I’m gonna pwahk!


Ah so wewetul,
aulet buh, wolet beeeh.
What on uyth, I don’t know.

I seriously doubt that was fourteen minutes.
(three minutes)
WHAT!? That was three minutes!?
That felt like an hour!
Well then...
Alright, this is called the drunn song.

Heheh! Nobody noes, knowbody knows
Oh yeah. Huhuh


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